About Me

My name is Neil Real, Founder and Owner of ORIGIN Apparel. I was born on the island of Oahu, Hawaii specifically Kalihi born and raised. I moved to Vegas with my family in the early 80s in pursuit of the “American Dream”.

Living in Vegas you could not find any cool Hawaii themed clothing. In 2015, 4 of my friends and I established ORIGIN. Initially it was just a hobby of ours, but it became larger than just a hobby. Even though we came from different ethnicity and backgrounds, we had a lot in common. We decided to feature our different Origins in our designs.

The Hawaii Origin designs became the most popular. We started investing in popup shops specifically at the Vizzun Ent. Pure Aloha Festival & Concerts events twice a year. 6 years later and I am now the sole owner of ORIGIN.

I will continue to create new Hawaii designs to keep ORIGIN fresh and on top of mind when it comes to clothing from the 808 to the 702! Rep Your Origin and Exist to Aspire! Love and Aloha!